Sunday Working Group

Sunday 08 January 2023
10:00 to 12:00

Saturday’s weather looks really wet, so I thought we’d try...

Sunday morning to begin the 2023 DEEP CLEAN!

This winter, we’ll focus on the areas of brambles and trees between David Lloyd’s car park and Staines Road – but also (if we have the numbers and the inclination) the Staines Road edge of Twickenham (David Lloyd’s) golf course. Last time I walked the Staines Road boundary of the golf course, there were still a lot of burnt remains (from the July Staines Road grass fire)… so this area should be rich pickings!

BUT while we have full public access to these perimeter areas, this is an active golf course, so care and awareness is needed… If a golfer is teeing up a shot, step back and keep a lookout for stray balls.

Back in the Heath’s “Deep Clean” zone, there will be some bramble clearance to do, to open up access for litter removal.

It will never stop surprising me - how much rubbish brambles can collect!


WHEN:  10am Sunday (8th January)

WHERE:  Meet at the goalpost, rear of David Lloyd as usual

WHO:  Anyone and everyone. As always, please bring some protective gloves, sensible footwear, drinking water etc. and children must be accompanied.

WHAT:  We provide the litter-pickers/bags as always, and I will bring as many tools as I can, but if you have your own secateurs, loppers, mattock or hedge trimmer (battery), please do bring them along.

Contact [email protected]
Hampton Heath - rear of David Lloyd, Hampton.
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