Hampton Heath - Speckled Wood-2023-09-23

Focus on Paths and Grassland

Saturday 30 September 2023
00:00 to 12:00

This week (depending on numbers) we’ll be active on the following:

  • Winter Pond: Finessing the surrounding areas - some final tweaks, and raking over to tie-in better with the surrounding levels and create a good seed bed.
  • “Mosaic” grass cutting: Continuing the cut, rake and remove process which will improve species diversity and promote precious “Lowland Acid Grassland” (LAG) habitat.
  • Wildflower seed sowing: This week, we have:
    • Red Bartsia (great for bees, reduces the vigour of grasses)
    • Lady’s Bedstraw (clouds of tiny yellow flowers - great for insects)
    • Haresfoot Clover (delicate fluffy flower heads)
    • Meadow Vetchling (yellow, pea flowers, great for pollinators)
    • Mouse Ear Hawkweed (another which reduces vigour of grasses - yellow daisy flowers, a favourite of butterflies and hoverflies)
    • Common Heather (beautiful pink/purple flower spikes on wiry, low shrubs another bee attractor)
    • Bell Heather (deep purple, magenta flowers on wiry, low shrubs, again, highly attractive to bees)
    • Fescues (fine, feathery grasses, indicative of acid grassland - locally sourced, just like ALL the wildflower seed)
  • Path and tipped garden waste tidy up: Uxbridge Road - Longford Close Entrance.
  • Litter: Of course, keeping up with the litter, generally.


WHEN: From 10am SATURDAY 30th September until around midday.


WHERE: Meet at the goalpost, rear of David Lloyd as always. Over to David Lloyd for free tea/coffee or cold drinks at around 12.


WHO: Anyone and everyone is welcome. As always, please bring some protective gloves, sensible footwear, sunscreen, drinking water etc. and children must be accompanied.


WHAT: We provide litter-pickers/bags as always, and as many tools as fit in the barrow, but if you have secateurs, rake, strimmer or hedge-trimmer (battery), please do bring them along.


Don’t forget, you can subscribe to the Hampton Heath Friends calendar for up to date information in your Outlook or Calendar app. and we have further information on our website.


Hope to see you on SATURDAY!

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Hampton Heath - rear of David Lloyd, Hampton.
Hampton Hill
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