18/02/2023 Ponds, Newts, Heather, Rubbish

11/02/2023 We removed another 10 sacks of rubbish and recycling, and an old baby stroller. Thanks, as ever, to the wonderful team who got stuck in again. Slowly, we’re winning. We've topped 300 bags removed from the site in just over a year!

We also planted (after first removing any visible bramble seedlings) around 35 Heather, Bell Heather and Dwarf Gorse plants: Fingers crossed we’ll have our first heather flowering on the site this summer. 

With the milder weather, we have a lot of newts active in the pond near David Lloyd's golf practice – so it will be well worth setting aside funding for eDNA testing for the specially protected Great Crested Newts, which are known to be present in the area.

A programme to introduce some light-touch management of the willows will be discussed with DL’s team… allowing some more sunlight in to what is currently a very shaded pool will improve opportunities for invertebrates, plants and potentially, grass snakes.

Hampton Heath - Grey Heron