Saturday 16th April - Conservation Work


WHEN     10am Saturday 16th (Easter Saturday)

WHERE   Meet near the goalpost as usual

WHO       Everyone, of course! Children do need to be accompanied though, please.


As always, we’ll have litter-pickers and bags available, but please bring your own gloves, and appropriate footwear, and please do remember that joining in activities in this public space is at your own risk – so please take all possible care for yourselves and others.

As our focus is shifting more to conservation work, if you can make it on Saturday, please, if you can, bring any of the following:

  • Secateurs / shears
  • Garden fork
  • Lawn rake


Wildflower (re-)introductions – planting time!

Now ready for planting: Mouse-eared hawkweed plants… Carefully and non-destructively (!) locally sourced.

Single, lemon-yellow, daisy-like flowers held above a flat carpet of greyish, hairy leaves.


Preventing Bramble encroachment, “scrapes”, seeds and snakes

It’s time to tackle some of the brambles encroaching across the paths, and spreading across the grassland.

Without going into dense thicket (where birds may be nesting) we can start the process of controlling the spread of brambles.

This also presents the opportunity to create some localised “scrapes” - bare areas of ground which are great for enriching biodiversity:

  • Sowing heathland wildflower seed (Common Centaury, Bell Heather, Heather (Ling), and Broom – all from local native seed sources).
  • Mining bees, digger wasps, ground beetles and many other invertebrates all love open, disturbed ground
  • Basking invertebrates and reptiles (we have grass snakes)


Join us on Easter Saturday at 10am if you can, and if you’re at all interested in joining in the upcoming steering group / committee meeting, please do contact us if you haven’t already!