Saturday 2nd April - Site Walkabout (and some litter-picking)


SATURDAY 2nd APRIL 10am we’re going to have a walk-about to discuss our opportunities and priorities, and actions for the summer months.

Meet near the goalpost as usual.

This is a great way for us to talk through your ideas, get new opinions and insights and generally shape our thoughts.

  • How do you use the central kick-about area?
  • What do you see as the safety risks, and problem areas, and how can we reduce them?
  • Where would you like to see seats, or bins located?

Please do join us if you can – even if just for a few minutes… and then for anyone in need of some litter-picking, we’ll do a bit of light tidying up in a few areas which we have not quite got to yet – like the ditch 😬.

…If you have any thoughts to contribute, and can’t make it, or prefer, just reply to this email.



Almost all our ideas so far are being welcomed and supported by David Lloyd’s manager, Neil… who is fully behind our objectives, and groundsman/agronomist Michael, who knows the site inside-out. We’ll continue to liaise with them as we develop our improvements proposals. As a reminder these include:

  • Opening out paths to make them easier to access and less intimidating
  • Slowing the spread of the brambles (preserving the grasslands)
  • Cutting the grassland areas to reduce soil fertility (helps the native flowers)
  • Using cuttings to build heaps for amphibians, grass snakes, and invertebrates.
  • Widening/modifying the ditches to add new wet/marginal habitat.
  • Putting up nest-boxes, bat-boxes and the like
  • Reintroducing locally-native heathland plants – these reintroductions MUST be done carefully, using local sources of native plants
  • Re-surfacing muddy areas at entrances.
  • Simple signs at entrances
  • Simple log seats
  • Reviewing litter and dog-waste bin provision.